Using CPAN::Reporter to report test results

CPAN::Reporter is a module which can automatically report the results of Perl module's test suites to the cpan-testers list. This is very helpful for module authors, as they can see whether their tests pass on a wide variety of systems with different configurations etc, and highlights any problems there may be.

To set it up, from the CPAN shell (run perl -MCPAN -e shell), do the following:

cpan> install CPAN::Reporter
cpan> reload cpan
cpan> o conf init test_report
cpan> o conf commit

You will be asked various questions on how CPAN::Reporter should operate.

I would suggest:

  • edit_report? : default:no fail:yes
  • send_report? : yes, or perhaps default:yes fail:ask so you can only send failures that aren't “your fault”
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