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Welcome to my wiki. I had a page of notes I'd jotted down as I went along, useful reminders on quick ways to do stuff, but it was not easy enough to manage, so I've installed DokuWiki to make it easy to make notes, both for myself and for anyone else who may find them useful.

I hope you'll find something useful here. If you have anything you'd like to share to be added here, just let me know!

BTW, My main website is at http:www.preshweb.co.uk/ and my shiny new blog is at http:blog.preshweb.co.uk/ :)

Perl Notes

PHP Notes

Common Functions Quick Reference

Common PHP "gotchas"

Uploading files with PHP

Logging errors instead of displaying for production boxes

Perl v PHP - expressing Perlisms in PHP

Useful code snippets - some useful functions and code snippets

Database interaction - mysql_*() vs mysqli_*() vs PEAR DB.php

SimpleTable class - a class for producing HTML tables of data

SVN (Subversion) Revision Control




Bash Scripting

Java Notes

General Linux Sysadmin

Quick Troubleshooting


Useful Links

  • LinkBackup.py excellent Python script for performing snapshot backups over SSH, very flexible, and a top developer too
  • IE PNG Fix a nice Javascript fix for IE 5.5/6.0 broken PNG implementation
  • Date + Time Formatting Codes - Date/time formatting codes for PHP/MySQL/SSI's
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